Loquis: Castello di Otranto

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Castello di Otranto


Published on:  2019-04-15 09:42:00


The Aragonese Castle is the defensive stronghold of the city of Otranto, today a treasure trove of culture and knowledge that swarms with international events and exhibitions. Damaged, repaired and rebuilt, the fort has undergone changes since the siege of 1067, but it was following the historic Saracen attack in 1480 that the defensive structure was enlarged and equipped with towers with gunboats. Walking through the majestic walls it is possible to appreciate different architectural details such as the Alfonsina, Duchessa and Ippolita towers, the bastion called Punta di Diamante, and the Triangular Room built with innovative defensive techniques that make it one of the most important examples of military architecture. 'era.

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