Loquis: The synagogue of Scola Grande, in Trani

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The synagogue of Scola Grande, in Trani


Published on:  2019-05-07 18:58:34

  Kosher Life

The synagogue of Scola Grande, built in the 13th century (later transformed into the church of Sant'Anna) houses the Jewish section of the Diocesan Museum of the Archdiocese of Trani. It stands in Via la Giudea 24, on what was the main street of the ancient Jewish quarter of Trani. It was built in 1246, in the period of maximum splendour of the Jewish community. In the district where the Jews had settled, there were four synagogues, two of which were already destroyed in 1700. The synagogue of Scola Grande is with the synagogue Scolanova one of the two surviving buildings. The restoration project was completed in December 2009 with the opening of the museum. Of the original structure of the synagogue are still preserved the perimeter walls, an epigraph found inside, which reports as the year of foundation 5007 from the creation of the world and other findings, such as an ancient Mezuzah dating from the twelfth century. and parchment fragments of an ancient Bible in Hebrew of the fourteenth century. The synagogue-museum Sant'Anna is the only museum of Jewish history in the south of Italy.

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