Loquis: The Jewish cemetery of Acqui Terme

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The Jewish cemetery of Acqui Terme


Published on:  2019-05-07 17:44:18

  Kosher Life

The Jewish cemetery of Acqui Terme. The city of Acqui, whose origins date back to Roman times, experienced a period of great splendor during the Middle Ages. In the seventeenth century, during the war of succession between the Savoy and Gonzaga for the Monferrato, the Jews erao 150 on a population of 3000 inhabitants. In the nineteenth century, the Jews reached 700 units, then returned to only 200 in 1899. Today there are no more Jews in Acqui. In 1768 the old cemetery could no longer accommodate other tombs, and the State allowed Jews to buy land from a private individual. The land was purchased for the community, as reported by the deed, by Samuel Vita, Gioseppe Salvator son of Israel, Salvador son of Belomo, Zaccaria Salvadore and Anselmi, the five Ottolenghi of this city. Since then, the land, surrounded by mulberry trees, has been home to the mortal remains and vestiges of an important past for the Jewish community. Some tombstones are decorated with funerary symbols not belonging to the Jewish tradition.

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