Loquis: Piscine CONI e Palestra del duce

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Piscine CONI e Palestra del duce


Published on:  2019-05-13 14:02:00

  Open House Roma

The CONI swimming pool building is one of the most important buildings in the Foro Italico Park. Designed by the architect engineer Costantino Costantini in 1934, it proposes the same volumetric and chromatic values of the Academy, designed by the architect Del Debbio, in a different stylistic key. Inside the Costantini building he designs the large indoor pool containing the wall and floor mosaics created by Angelo Canevari and Giulio Rosso. On the first floor, there is the Palestra del Duce, the work of the architect Luigi Moretti, considered a masterpiece of interior design due to its spatial and material composition that make it a courtly environment with a metaphysical atmosphere. The gym is embellished with mosaics by Gino Severini and the statues of Silvio Canevari.

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