Loquis: Vicus Caprarius

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Vicus Caprarius


Published on:  2019-05-13 14:06:00

  Open House Roma

A few meters from the Trevi Fountain, the works for the construction of a cinema have brought to light an imperial building complex, testimony to the ancient urban fabric of the city. The findings refer to an insula transformed in the fourth century into a luxurious domus. Water is the element that characterizes the Vicus Caprarius. The term Città dell'Acqua is due to its presence and to the function of a part of the building, identified with a castellum aquae, a large water tank with a capacity of about 150,000 liters relative to the Virgin Aqueduct. In the three sections of the Antiquarium, the materials found (including the famous face of Alessandro Helios) integrate the visit and the understanding of the structures.

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