Loquis: Chiostro di San Pietro in Vincoli

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Chiostro di San Pietro in Vincoli


Published on:  2019-05-13 14:59:00

  Open House Roma

With the establishment of the course of Engineering studies in Rome by Pope Pius VII (1817), the first school for professional training in engineering was born in Italy. In 1935 it became the Faculty of Engineering. In 1873 the School moved to the convent of the Canonici Lateranensi annexed to the church of San Pietro in Vincoli; the reconstruction, if not its construction, is due to the Della Rovere (1510-1520), according to stylistic canons that echo the '400; for Vasari the portico of the cloister and the well are the work of Giuliano and Antonio da Sangallo, for Giovannoni they are the work of Giuliano Leni, help of Bramante. In 1918 prof. Milani designed the new complex according to the block type with four internal courtyards. The Halls of the Cloister are now used for events, conferences and conferences.

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