Loquis: Laboratorio Antonella Argenti

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Laboratorio Antonella Argenti


Published on:  2019-05-13 15:18:00

  Open House Roma

The 18th century building, protected by the Fine Arts, housed an anonymous apartment characterized by the traditional sequence of served and serving spaces. In the renovation / restoration, the false ceilings and all the partitions were removed, the infill walls were eliminated, which hid unexpected openings and described the walls; the wooden ceilings have been brought to light, the original internal connections have been rediscovered, and the ancient plaster has been freed. During the restoration of the walls, making the descialbo, some fragments of a bird decoration, frames and faux-marble windows and a fragment of a lake landscape reappeared. The workshop will be used for creative re-use works, especially related to the use of old fabric and wallpaper samples, coming from the historic LELLI shop located in Via Tiepolo, 6.

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