Loquis: L'Isola e la Balena

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L'Isola e la Balena


Published on:  2019-05-13 15:37:00

  Open House Roma

Skewed walls and oversized rooms are revisited with a distribution that provides a rationalization of the sleeping area, organized around the bathroom and the large walk-in closet, in a fractionable but fluid space thanks to the full-height wall door. The reverse side is a plasterboard wall - the whale - with an exhibition function for paintings and a bookcase, which takes us to the living room space; parallel to the kitchen island, it becomes the principle that orders the multiple directions of vertical planes and curved surfaces. The column in the center of the space contains the radiators and identifies the position of the table, which looks at the island. Beat Light, Rough Diamond, Igloo, Tulip, Tradell and Laminam are just some of the components that integrate the space project.

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