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Città del Sole


Published on:  2019-05-13 15:39:00

  Open House Roma

The intervention is part of the ATAC remittance valorisation program undertaken by the Municipality of Rome, which included the location of offices, commercial spaces, residences and a neighborhood library to be located in the historic building. The void and the public space play a central role: as in the neighboring fabric of the Tiburtino II (Innocenzo Sabbatini, 1926-28), the outer space acquires complexity and richness, invites us to be traveled and allows us to find in it the expression of values collective but also the wealth of individual routes. The central square, in line with the access to the Tiburtino II and the main junction of the intervention, is an open space that targets the Verano complex and from which it is possible to access all the other public places of the complex.

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