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Palazzo Inail


Published on:  2019-05-14 08:30:00

  Open House Roma

The building, built by the National Accident Center in place of the demolished National Theater of the architect Azzurri, defines urban space on different scales: it stands as a monumental backdrop for the tormented Via Quattro Novembre, linking the street pendulum between Termini Station and the Vatican; the height difference between the entrance and the Quirinal hill resolves through the basement and a system of harmoniously integrated staircases; establishes a strong architectural continuity with the place, drawing inspiration from the nearby buildings, especially Villa Colonna, through formal references and the use of materials. Brasini, an eclectic character linked to the Roman building tradition, works the ornament as an intrinsic part of his architecture and forges it until it becomes a refined connection between the building mass and the space.

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