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Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana


Published on:  2019-05-14 08:52:00

  Open House Roma

Made in view of the 1942 Universal Exposition of Rome, which never took place due to the Second World War, the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana is one of the symbols of the EUR. Also known as "Colosseo Quadrato", of the famous Roman ancestor, it takes up the tight sequence of arches that outline an abstract volume, stereometric and almost metaphysical. At the base of the building there are 28 statues representing the arts and crafts of "Italian Civilization" in an allegorical key. In 2015 FENDI transferred its headquarters to this structure, one of the most emblematic of modern Rome, and thus opening the Palazzo to the public. The symmetrical arches and the travertine marble constitute an extraordinary example of Roman architecture of the twentieth century. The presence of FENDI in a historic structure of this caliber reflects the desire of the Maison to pay tribute to its heritage and, at the same time, to turn its gaze to the future.

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