Loquis: Basilica di Santa Maria in Via Lata

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Basilica di Santa Maria in Via Lata


Published on:  2019-05-14 08:57:00

  Open House Roma

The ancient Basilica of Santa Maria in Via Lata stands on a building dating back to the Hadrianic period, a portico of the first century that ran parallel to the Via Flaminia, on whose remains the adjacent Palazzo Doria-Pamphili also stands. The portico was transformed into a commercial space (horrea) around the fifth century, and in the same place a deaconry with an oratory was installed, the first place of Christian worship in the area. The upper structure of the church was added in the 9th century and the façade with Corinthian columns was completed in 1658-1660 to a design by Pietro da Cortona. With a visit to the Basilica and the underground areas you will be accompanied to discover the stratifications that over time have configured the identity of this ancient complex in the heart of the city.

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