Loquis: Ex Casa Gil di Montesacro

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Ex Casa Gil di Montesacro


Published on:  2019-05-14 08:59:00

  Open House Roma

Built in the Città Giardino Aniene to host the activities of the Italian Youth of the Littorio (GIL), the House offered many services, including a theater, sports fields, a gym, an indoor pool and a discovery. Among the largest in Rome, the Casa di Montesacro was distinguished by the effective balance between service structure and celebratory building of fascism, based on a rational composition, on the quality of constructive and technological solutions and on the extreme attention to detail. Although much transformed and in a state of partial abandonment, today the complex still recalls the inhabitants of the neighborhood who daily visit the Maria Montessori school, the offices and the post offices it hosts.

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