Loquis: Casa Atelier dei Ramni

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Casa Atelier dei Ramni


Published on:  2019-05-14 09:04:00

  Open House Roma

The home-studio of the artist Pietrantonio Arminio, built in the early 1900s, is located in the San Lorenzo district. Arches, vaults, grit floors of ancient memory are admirably combined with frescoes, sculptures and unique furnishings designed by the landlord. Along the ramp of the "François Gérard" staircase two painted iron tondos celebrate Love. Two small fountains, one of water and the other of wine, are astonishing on the landing. High trompe-l'oeil pillars lead us into frescoed rooms, each bearing a different name: Stanza del Segno, of the Model and of the Charcoal, Sala della Giocoliera, Volta di Giotto. Walls painted from memory, mixed paint with lime that seems to have been there forever. In the garden the Scala Arancia invites us to climb, transforming the simple spatial translation into a fantastic exercise of thought.

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