Loquis: Plesso Scolastico Mazzacurati

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Plesso Scolastico Mazzacurati


Published on:  2019-05-14 09:15:00

  Open House Roma

The “Mazzacurati” school complex, inside the Corviale area and built in the late 80s, is today in a state of decay and underutilized compared to its potential. The project proposes a series of interventions, aimed not only at restoring greater functionality and attention to energy savings, but also to define a new identity within the neighborhood. The project involves the creation of a "winter garden patio" inside the school instead of the current play area, the introduction of a new central block to be used as a theater, the construction of a new building to be used as laboratories, the restructuring of the annexed services to the gym and the area of the caretaker's housing upgraded to insert a micronido, the redevelopment of the pertinent garden with areas equipped both for the game and for teaching.

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