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JFG Coworking Space


Published on:  2019-05-14 10:32:00

  Open House Roma

Born from the will of Fausto Fiume Garelli, neuropsychiatrist and from that of Anna Patrizia Jesi, cardiologist. The idea is to coexist in the same environment, aimed at the care and well-being of the patient, art. This space hosts several activities that are very different from each other but all contribute to the search for well-being and to the enrichment of patients, doctors, different technicians and artists. Within the study it will be possible to learn about the work done by the Architecture firm Fiumearchitecture, the activity of the Onlus Cardiosalus and by the theatrical collective BalleriniFiume, which for the occasion will present their work "Art brut: study for a performance". Furthermore, this year the JFG space will host the artistic projects of Andrea Cioffi and Luigi D'Anna and the lamps and furnishings of Plato Design will be presented to the public.

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