Loquis: Centro Nazionale Trapianti Operativo

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Centro Nazionale Trapianti Operativo


Published on:  2019-05-14 10:42:00

  Open House Roma

The project works on the shape of the existing building, defining the conditions for dialogue with the historic buildings of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, through careful use of the materials. The front of the building is characterized by a double glass façade, a micro greenhouse capable of reducing energy consumption, the external casing is covered with a ceramic coating with tiles of different sizes and finishes, in order to create reflections that make the surface iridescent. The interior is characterized by careful work on the light and the ceiling, natural light comes from skylights of the same size as the recessed luminaires. An extremely considerable contribution of natural lighting is provided by the glass wall that forms the solar greenhouse that covers, almost entirely, the entire south facade. The building is the headquarters of the National Operative Transplant Center, open 24 hours a day, which has the task of coordinating all donation and transplantation activities at national and foreign level.

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