Loquis: Archivio Fabbrica Snia Viscosa

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Archivio Fabbrica Snia Viscosa


Published on:  2019-05-14 10:44:00

  Open House Roma

The Maria Baccante Documentation Center opens in 2013 almost 20 years after the discovery of the factory archive, the Viscosa. It is located in the House of the Energy Park, which stands on the remains of the factory's nursery. It has been declared of considerable cultural interest by the MiBAC. Among the projects there is that of mapping the public / private archives of the territory, coming to outline a "widespread" archive, of which the Documentation Center would constitute the supporting core. The word territory must not be a limit, but an expression of the relationship between man and the physical and social environment. At the same time it will be possible to hear the history of the SNIA VISCOSA Factory: from its birth as a Natural Monument, a story by Dr. Alessandra Valentinelli, and engineer Marco Gissara, representing the Parco delle Energie Territorial Forum.

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