Loquis: Mitreo di Santa Prisca

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Mitreo di Santa Prisca


Published on:  2019-05-14 10:47:00

  Open House Roma

Below the church of Santa Prisca on the Aventine, the remains of a vast ancient complex, dating from the Republican age to the late antique, are preserved. In the third century after Christ, in a hypogeum of a private house, a mithraeum was built, a place of worship dedicated to the divinity of oriental origin Mitra, which had a prominent place in the Roman religion, before the official recognition of Christianity. The Mithraeum, of great suggestion, consists of a room where the banquet was celebrated, and other rooms for the performance of the mystery ritual. It is furnished with a series of frescoes, figured with painted inscriptions and a sculptural cycle in gilded stucco and marble. For reasons of preservation and protection of the site and for security reasons the maximum number of accesses indicated cannot be exceeded and visits will be made solely and strictly, subject to availability.

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