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Parco Scala Santa


Published on:  2019-05-14 13:24:00

  Open House Roma

The rooms of the SALA2 Architettura studio are adjacent to the Pontifical Sanctuary of the Scala Santa. About forty years ago a group of young architecture students carried out the recovery of the spaces that currently occupy the Studio, and which also houses the headquarters of the cultural association TRAleVOLTE, which aims to create dialogue between artists and architects on the relationships between art and architecture. Since 2008, through a collaboration between the Association and the Passionist Fathers, the adjacent garden of the Convent of the Passionist Fathers has been created and can be visited: The Scala Santa Park, full of permanent works and sculptures by numerous contemporary artists. Within the spaces of TRAleVOLTE it will be possible to see the works presented by the invited artists during the ten years of activity.

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