Loquis: I cortili del Tufello

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I cortili del Tufello


Published on:  2019-05-14 13:53:00

  Open House Roma

The Tufello is one of the official townships, built during the fascist regime by the Piacentini and Giovannoni Regulatory Plan of 1931. In the case of this official township, the first residents were the returnees. The reasons for the birth of the hamlets are manifold, starting from the plan to "displace" the historic center, and to reconstruct it in the image and likeness of the fascist empire, but not only for this. The walk inside the courtyards and "comb houses" of Sforza, will address these and other dynamics, reasoning on what was the first ante-litteram Roman gentrification, the removal of the popular classes from one part of the city. Eighth Hill as a pioneer in local tourism tells "the hill that is not" the peripheral part of the city.

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