Loquis: Museo diffuso del Rione Testaccio

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Museo diffuso del Rione Testaccio


Published on:  2019-05-14 14:07:00

  Open House Roma

The visit will lead visitors from the monumental arches of the Porticus Aemilia, to the docks of the river port of Rome, the Emporium. Made entirely in uncertain work, La Porticus Aemilia was one of the largest public buildings of the Republican age, and was in use throughout the imperial age. It returned to new life in 2015 with the recovery of the area, hosting works of street art and contemporary art. Half-hidden from view by the embankments of the Lungotevere, the ancient river port of Testaccio is revealed. The "new" port of Rome was born in 193 BC, the day after the second Punic war. The visible structures were built during the imperial age, in particular under the reign of Emperor Trajan. Here came the goods from all over the Mediterranean, which landed in the ports of Ostia and Porto, were ready to be received in the city horrea.

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