Loquis: Mostra personale di Antonio Fiorentino

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Mostra personale di Antonio Fiorentino


Published on:  2019-05-14 14:17:00

Expires on:  2019-05-12 23:55:00

  Open House Roma

Antonio Fiorentino exhibits for the first time a series of works created after his stay, between July and August 2018 in the Kiribati Islands, an island state in Oceania. Kiribati is on the international date change line, and is the first state to greet the new dawn, the new day, the new year: somehow we can say that "it is in the future". But the future of this country is apocalyptic, because it risks disappearing forever within a few decades, as the rise of the seas caused by global warming is gradually submerging the territory of the islands. Guided by these suggestions, Fiorentino has created a group of works that describe his journey in search of the future. The project is carried out with the support of the MiBAC and SIAE, as part of the initiative "Sillumina - Private copy for young people, for culture".

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