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Condominio Monti


Published on:  2019-05-15 08:27:00

  Open House Roma

The new boutique hotel, retains the convivial atmosphere of the historic Monti district, famous for its picturesque alleys animated by day with small artisan shops and galleries, and by night with trendy wineries and clubs. It occupies an area of 900 square meters, and develops inside two neighboring buildings: hence the name, which clearly highlights the intimate and collective dimension of the project, where great attention is paid to shared spaces. Far from the aseptic standards of the big hotel chains, the new structure rethinks the concept of hospitality: in the 33 rooms, designed for a target of careful travelers and design lovers. The architectural and interior design bears the signature of Studiotamat, while shades, finishes, fabrics and patterns have been selected by Sabina Guidotti, owner of Bludiprussia

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