Loquis: Istituto Storico e di Cultura dell'Arma del Genio

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Istituto Storico e di Cultura dell'Arma del Genio


Published on:  2019-05-15 09:11:00

  Open House Roma

Opened in 1939, it is the first museum in Italy created to be an exhibition venue. Together with the vast modeling and documentary collection, the Historical and Cultural Institute of the Corps of Engineers, houses a rich collection of original objects, relics and testimonies of facts and prominent personalities, linked to the history of the Army and in particular of the Weapon of Genius. The fulcrum of the exhibition, the Shrine stands out as a stronghold, along with the monumental entrance, of the symmetry axis of the entire complex, signaled by the peremptory square tower above it. The apse is illuminated by high windows that house the glass windows by Gian Carlo Giuliani, and designed and designed by Duilio Cambelotti, an important pioneer of modern decoration. Particular attention is given to the hall dedicated to aerostats, where the pioneering character is evidenced by original spaceships from the first balloons used, and by the BLERIOT monoplane. The Native American Deities exhibition will be present at the institute. The works were made in 1992 by Meo Carbone, on the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America.

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