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Architettura Radicale


Published on:  2019-05-15 12:57:00

  Open House Roma

The STASS study, together with the GRAU, represents the Roman articulation of the chapter of radical architecture. The residence, completed in 1970, a kind of spaceship landed in the area of the Camilluccia, albeit through many tampering, maintains the characteristics of the disciplinary abstraction typical of those years, and constitutes a sort of small theorem of the poetics of this group: the free aggregation of basic residential cells, a 9 meter long tube with a 3x3 section and double illumination at the two extremes, marked by round holes in squared axis, connected by a distribution corridor, and placed on two altitudes that depend on the altimetric trend of the ground. The construction of the shape depends only on the geometric assembly mechanism, independent of the typological contents of the buildings.

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