Loquis: La Scuola di Matematica

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La Scuola di Matematica


Published on:  2019-05-15 13:09:00

  Open House Roma

Designed by Gio Ponti in 1935 in collaboration with the engineer Zadra, it is divided into a sequence of volumes, originally quite distinct both in form and function. The original conformation, the wise use of the coverings, the spatial continuity that resulted in games of triple heights and the decorative apparatus, have contributed to make it a total work of art. Today those spatial and decorative qualities have been partly lost. However, a recognized value is still legible today. Alongside the attention that the work and figure of Gio Ponti have been drawing for some time now on the general public, is the conspicuous financing granted by The Getty Foundation of Los Angeles to the Department of History, Design and Restoration of Sapienza Architecture for carry out a research coordinated by Professor Simona Salvo that aims at the planned conservation.

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