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Urban Atelier


Published on:  2019-05-15 13:36:00

  Open House Roma

In the penumbra of a small courtyard of the Monti district, the 12c - Urban Atelier studio finds its place in the city, a space of passionate association and conversation on Architecture. Not a tout court study of professionals, but a place where craft and education meet to nourish each other in an inexhaustible exchange of contents. Participation in Open House is for La Sapienza's faculty of architecture the opportunity to push itself out of its academic boundaries and deliver to the city the students' work on experimenting with architectural form and project theory. 12c | UrbanAtelier thus becomes the meeting space for citizens who wish to observe the results of the disciplinary registers carried out in the university world and the laboratory of ideas that are produced in the Faculties of Architecture at the same time as the culture of our age.

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