Loquis: Edifici popolari al Tufello

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Edifici popolari al Tufello


Published on:  2019-05-15 13:36:00

  Open House Roma

The redevelopment works, following a design competition organized by the IACP, allowed the installation of new external elevator towers and more dignified entrances, enriched by a decorative floor in the tradition of the Roman palaces of the Institute. Floors in typical cement grit have been made, but with abstract designs taken from a work by the Roman artist Sergio Lombardo (Pavimenti Stocastici, 1993). The work consists of a combinatorial system of abstract drawings that allows for the creation of infinite compositions with a few elements. Such images, (according to the aesthetic theory Eventualista, by the same Sergio Lombardo, 1979) activate in the viewer variable and subjective interpretations that induce appreciation and affection. The architectural solution of the towers, made with the same colors and materials of the buildings, attempts a harmonious insertion of the new technical volumes, necessarily invasive, in the little space available between the dense sequence of the buildings.

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