Loquis: Piramide e Museo della Via Ostiense

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Piramide e Museo della Via Ostiense


Published on:  2019-05-15 14:10:00

  Open House Roma

The Cestia Pyramid is the only surviving monument of a series present in Rome in the first century before Christ, Caius Cestius stated in his will that the construction of his own tomb, in the shape of a pyramid, would take place in 330 days, and the tomb, between 18 and on 12 BC, it was built along the Via Ostiense. During the visit, it will be possible to access the burial chamber, with frescoed walls and a barrel vault. The Via Ostiense Museum built inside the Porta San Paolo and adjacent to the Pyramid is inserted in one of the best preserved parts of the Aurelian Walls. The name given to this gate in the Middle Ages derives from its proximity to the Basilica of San Paolo, which can be reached via a devotional route along the Via Ostiense.

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