Loquis: Palazzo Falconieri - Accademia d'Ungheria

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Palazzo Falconieri - Accademia d'Ungheria


Published on:  2019-05-15 14:12:00

  Open House Roma

At the beginning of Via Giulia, coming from Ponte Sisto, one of the first palaces on the left is Palazzo Falconieri, the Roman residence of the Falconieri family, one of Borromini's most bizarre and least known works. The courtyard, which looks like a garden, seems to follow the layout of the façade that looks out on it and reminds that of a suburban villa. The genius of Borromini manifests itself not only in the dynamic forms of the loggia that crowns the palace, but also in the stuccos full of esoteric symbols in the living rooms of the noble floor.

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