Loquis: KM verde al Corviale

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KM verde al Corviale


Published on:  2019-05-15 14:34:00

  Open House Roma

The project involves the building renovation, with change of use, of the rooms of the floor reserved for the services of the public residential building known as "II Corviale" on the outskirts of Rome. The redevelopment of the free floor involved the conception of innovative and shared forms of living, where the housing typologies are inserted within the existing structural grid and are interspersed with public spaces, relations, spaces of the stand, a sort of extension public housing, a space to share and take care of together. The free floor becomes the building's "positive" and "green frame" interruption element, a horizontal sign already conceived by Fiorentino, here emphasized as a "green floor", characterized by the introduction of the natural element, by the use of the green color and the insertion of spaces for relationships and encounters.

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