Loquis: Rigenerazione Urbana a Pietralata

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Rigenerazione Urbana a Pietralata


Published on:  2019-05-15 14:37:00

  Open House Roma

The Complex, composed of residential buildings, student housing, local market, services and public spaces, was created with the PRUSST Tiburtino Axis Program, after the demolition of dilapidated buildings. The functional mix produced, together with the grafting of a technologically advanced building, has created a true and recognizable modern "piece of city". New spaces dedicated to study, sport and socialization, with the revitalizing contribution of a renewed population, are representing a successful opportunity for urban and social regeneration, whose model could also be replicated in other areas of the city. The goal is to produce a turnaround that brings investments back into the consolidated city, thus avoiding further and indiscriminate land consumption.

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