Loquis: Pontificia Università San Tommaso D'Aquino

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Pontificia Università San Tommaso D'Aquino


Published on:  2019-05-15 14:39:00

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The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, also known as Angelicum in honor of its patron Tommaso d'Aquino, is directed by the Dominican Fathers and develops around the large sixteenth-century cloister with pilasters and pilasters of the convent. The complex of Church and Convent was built at the behest of Pius V in place of the convent of S. Sisto Vecchio, abandoned due to malaria. The church of SS. Domenico and Sisto, also known as S. Sisto Nuovo, was built between 1575 and 1655 under the later direction of Giacomo della Porta, Nicola and Orazio Torriani and Vincenzo della Greca. Inside, the high altar and the Alaleona chapel are the work of Bernini.

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