Loquis: WEGIL - Ex Casa della GIL di Trastevere

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WEGIL - Ex Casa della GIL di Trastevere


Published on:  2019-05-15 14:41:00

  Open House Roma

The rigor, the severity of the reinforced concrete and the attention to detail, but also the plasticity, the sky that invaded the windows and the wise control of the architectural space. All this, cleverly orchestrated by the pencil of a very young Luigi Moretti, astonished and enchanted anyone who found himself passing through the streets of Trastevere and looking at the imposing structure of the GIL House, a place of physical and moral education for young children in that half of the thirties. After the closure, which took place in 1976, and a series of painful transformations, the famous building finally has a new identity and a coordinated image thanks to the Lazio Region, which in 2017 allowed its restoration and reopened the doors to the public . With reference to the prevailing theme of inclusion and participation, the imposing building of the rationalist era is today a privileged container for exhibitions, shows, events and culture.

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