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Nuovo Politecnico


Published on:  2019-05-15 14:52:00

  Open House Roma

The Nuovo Politecnico is a creative center in the heart of the Flaminio district, in the spaces of a kitchen factory from 1927, which gives new life to what in 1973 was the first self-managed cultural center, founded by a group of architects, photographers, sculptors, musicians, actors and theater directors under the name "Il Politecnico". After the redevelopment of the spaces, on the occasion of Open House 2019, it gathers and presents the new energies: Anselmi studio, Bianconcini architecture laboratory, La scuola delle Arti, blueAstudio architetti associati, Bistrot, White Cloud studio, MTV architects, Catella Marmi, Grippo + Murzi architects, Architect C. Sebastiani, altrovedesign architects, Adsidera architetti, Officina Politecnica, Studio Nema Architecture, Camilla Thermes MET Architects, Storyfinders, C. Bicocchi architect, Matter of Green, Labour70.

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