Loquis: Roma Termini - Ex Cabina Ace

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Roma Termini - Ex Cabina Ace


Published on:  2019-05-15 15:26:00

  Open House Roma

The Termini Station owes its current configuration to the Vitellozzi-Montuori project of 1948 which completed, transforming it, the original project of the architect Angiolo Mazzoni started in 1939 and interrupted in 1943 due to the war. The "imprint" of Mazzoni will remain dominant in the two side wings and, in particular, in the "Ala Mazzoniana" on Via Giolitti. Continuing on, there is another building by Mazzoni, the cabin of the Central Electric Apparatus. The visit, organized thanks to the initiative of the FS Foundation, will take place in the cabin building (Building "I"), extraordinarily open for the occasion, where it will be possible to access the control room that dominates the entire bundle of tracks. entrance to the station and where the Central Electric Apparatus for the maneuvering of signals and exchanges, jewel of the Italian technology of the time, remained intact.

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