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The daily life of Ostia Antica


Published on:  2019-05-01 00:00:00

  Fiumicino Ostia and Around

The Tour "" allows to visit a good part of this extraordinary archaeological site that stretches for about 50 hectares, in which ancient ruins and nature merge to create suggestive landscapes. Founded according to tradition by King Anco Marzio in a strategic area from the military and commercial point of view, Ostia was the first Roman colony, Port of the city of Rome at the mouth (hostium) of the Tiber River. During the course you can observe the grandiose theatre dating back to the time of Augustus and still in use, the Baths of Neptune and its mythological mosaics, the remains of the imposing Capitolium towering over the Piazza del Foro and the famous insulae and Taberne. An archaeological site unique in the world where it is really possible to relive the daily life of the ancient Romans in a chronological period of more than eight centuries. For INFORMATION and BOOKINGS on the tour please contact the number 328 5788097, better via WhatsApp Text and photo ACTIVE INFO-OA

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