Loquis: Catania:with the last of the catpardi at Palazzo Biscari.

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Catania:with the last of the catpardi at Palazzo Biscari.


Published on:  2019-05-01 09:57:00


We are inside Palazzo Biscari, in via Museo Biscari at number 10 in Catania. We are in one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in the city, thanks not only to its collections but to the beauty of the rooms. During the Second World War it was requisitioned and used, thanks to its position, as a defense post, scarred by soldiers who used the ballroom as a football field, damaging a beautiful portrait of a lady who still carries, so that we do not forget a painful past, the signs of a ... balloon! This is just one of the episodes that tells us a guide of exception: Prince Roger Moncada, one of the last catpards is really the case to say and with him we discover not only the beauty of the place but anecdotes told with slight irony by the owner of the house. Curiosities, "gossip", historical events. With Prince Moncada we take a step back in time, we immerse ourselves in a Catania past doing a regenerating bath of art and culture.

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