Loquis: Teapot: Alice lives here.

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Teapot: Alice lives here.


Published on:  2019-04-28 12:39:00


Did you ever know that in Catania, in Viale Libertà 184, there was the kingdom of Alice? Yes, because that's the feeling you get when you enter from "Teapot"; it's a cosy nest where you can defend yourself from the noise of the city. The exterior attracts into the fairy tale and the interior welcomes you in an environment warmed by the colors of wood and copper and cooled by those of pink and green furniture and flowers. The staff is kind, young and has welcomed me, my friend and my little dog very well. The menu also promises many goodies in addition to herbal teas, cakes and cocktails. I won't tell you anything else! Because now you have to enter this "wonderland".

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