Loquis: In Caltagirone with Besnik Harizaj.

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In Caltagirone with Besnik Harizaj.


Published on:  2019-04-27 14:51:00


In Caltagirone with Besnik Harizaj. The legend of the heads of the Moor is a classic of the Sicilian; the ceramics that depict them are everywhere to remind us of this incredible story between love, jealousy and tragedy, some are cheap, others futuristic, some pieces are real works of art. In Caltagirone, in his workshop in Via Gueli at number 1, Besnik Harizaj, Albanian artist now adopted from our land, creates beautiful heads, as rarely seen, and it is no coincidence that Sgarbi loved them, if Dolce and Gabbana have chosen them for their windows or if they appeared in different film sets. Just look at them for a moment to fall in love with them. This is what happened to the author Lucia Andreano, who talks about this artist in her book "A mani nude", it's worth reading it.

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