Loquis: The volunteer soldiers of the Jewish Brigade

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The volunteer soldiers of the Jewish Brigade


Published on:  2019-04-26 09:27:07

  Kosher Life

At Piangipane, north-west of Ravenna, in the Commonwealth and Jewish Brigade Military Cemetery, there is a plaque that reminds us that thirty-three Jewish soldiers who fell in the battle on the Senio front rest next to many other fallen soldiers. They were volunteer soldiers of the Jewish Brigade - Palestinian Regiment - a part of the thirty-five thousand Jews who voluntarily enrolled in the British armed forces, with the fervent desire to participate actively in the fight against the Nazi enemy. On March 17, 1945, they attacked La Giorgetta, a raised and fortified point with a bunker that could seriously hinder the British forces at the time of triggering the offensive along the Senio. It was a patrol commanded by Captain Peltz that conquered La Giorgetta with a bold assault on the bayonet. On 27 March, then, in view of the final offensive, the Brigade was joined by the Friuli Fighting Group, of the reborn Italian army, with which it was the protagonist of the breakthrough of the Gothic Line near Riolo dei Bagni.

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