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Collage Boutique Bar


Published on:  2019-04-22 12:35:00


Collage boutique bar, never name could have been more suitable. Just as in a collage several fantasies are mixed for a harmonious and very personal result, so Paolo Arrigo and his staff at the Collage boutique bar make this place harmoniously imaginative, as well as the cocktails that come out of his hands and cakes, savory recipes and everything that teases the palate with different harmonies than usual. I met them during a literary aperitif during which they showed all their professionalism and love for culture. All the staff was at the disposal of the event with an energy that made us fall in love immediately. The place is tiny, cosy and overlooking a secondary street where they welcome us with their outdoor tables with a vintage flavor. Needless to say, for me it's almost a regular weekly appointment: cake, long coffee, a chat with the kids and that relaxation begins!

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