Loquis: In Palermo, kidnapped by the seven fairies.

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In Palermo, kidnapped by the seven fairies.


Published on:  2019-04-21 12:50:00


We are in Palermo, in the courtyard of the seven fairies, in front of the church of St. Clare. The legend tells that here, seven beautiful and unknown women, seven as the magic number that represented them, kidnapped in their sleep unsuspecting men and sometimes even women, to take them to remote places and after dances, songs and sensual banquets, brought them back to the place from which they had been kidnapped, reminiscent of the dream trip to which they were subject. But then there is also the less poetic version that sees in the seven fairies actually seven prostitutes who dragged the chosen ones into transgressive amplices. Between magic and reality, a hidden Palermo to be discovered, perhaps accompanied by a story by Giuseppe Pitrè who told the legend of the fairies.

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