Loquis: Catania. Orlando, Angelica and the puppet theatre

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Catania. Orlando, Angelica and the puppet theatre


Published on:  2019-04-17 17:43:26


In the heart of Catania, near the castle Ursino, there is a small workshop, a workshop that tells an ancient story, that of our puppets: the paladins of France who from the mid-nineteenth century give life to the famous puppet theater. The Unesco has declared the theatre of the Sicilian puppets, oral and immaterial heritage of humanity. Care and skill handed down from father to son make the brothers Naples guardians of a world that risks being forgotten in a society that goes faster and faster. So let's make a small recommendation to tourists: slow down a bit and let yourself be carried away into the world of Orlando, the beautiful Angelica and the heroic Bradamante. Let yourself be guided by the Naples brothers because it's really worth it.

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