Loquis: Catania. Narrow Alley Bookshop

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Catania. Narrow Alley Bookshop


Published on:  2019-04-17 12:06:00


It's a magical little street in Via Santa Filomena in Catania and I'll talk to you about it often; here, under a roof of small and bright light bulbs, there are rooms but also something more, we start with a library, the library "Vicolo Nigra"; like the wardrobe of Narnja its door leads us into a single small room covered with books where the owners, Angelica and Maria Carmela Sciacca, industrious fairies of this small world, will open whole universes. Reading groups, literary aperitifs, meetings with the authors but also books in foreign languages, make this place much more than just a small library, making it a room made key to many different cultural worlds, where even tourists find refreshment for the eye and spirit. In Catania very often the culture is female and the Sciacca sisters show us this every day more and more.

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