Loquis: The ancient Jewish presence in Oria

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The ancient Jewish presence in Oria


Published on:  2019-04-16 10:33:35

  Kosher Life

The first Jews arrived in Oria with the prisoners that Titus had deported from Jerusalem to Apulia in 70 A.D.: they settled there, were fortunate, grew and multiplied, consolidated and became powerful. they were expert composers of synagogical hymns, some of which are still in use in the Ashkenazi rite liturgy. in 870 the community of Oria was involved in a violent repression for the conversion of the Jews of the empire. After the storm, Jewish life resumed and its schools flourished again, where, together with the sacred and esoteric sciences, cosmology, astronomy, astrology and medicine were also cultivated. In 925, the city of Oria was conquered by the Muslims. The synagogue, a renowned religious and cultural center, was located in the immediate vicinity of the "Jewish Quarter" still well recognizable. The name Judea indicates one of the four districts of the old town, where the Jewish Gate opens.

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