Loquis: Manduria, the Judecca and the Jewish Ghetto

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Manduria, the Judecca and the Jewish Ghetto


Published on:  2019-04-15 14:11:04

  Kosher Life

Manduria does not only mean wine, for the delicious Primitivo produced here, but also immerse oneself in centuries of history. It is evocative to get lost in the maze of narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter. The Jewish presence in Puglia is attested since ancient times. The Jewish communities spread throughout the region, and the community of Manduria was particularly prosperous. Here the Jewish quarter resisted until the seventeenth century, when the Jews finally abandoned the center of Salento. The Giudecca was characterized by the spontaneous aggregation of houses built around the Synagogue. The Mandurian Jews began to have problems when, at the end of the 13th century, Charles II of Anjou, with the intention of reducing their presence in his kingdom, promoted significant tax exemptions for Jews who converted to Christianity. But it was with the creation of the Ghetto that the Jewish quarter was isolated from the rest of the city and for this purpose doors were built that closed the quarter, isolating it definitively.

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