Loquis: Monumental complex of Santa Maria dello spasimo

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Monumental complex of Santa Maria dello spasimo


Published on:  2019-04-12 00:00:00


Palermo, Arab quarter of Kalsa, we are in the monumental complex of the Madonna dello spasimo. Born as a Benedictine convent in 1509, this structure has held the most diverse roles throughout history. at the end of "500 was the theater, then hospital, warehouse for snow, warehouse for property confiscated by bailiffs until it even became a hospital meretricio, to treat syphilis patients. If ghosts exist here, there are ghosts of every order and degree: from monks to prostitutes, from actors to the homeless. Today a part of the complex is a beautiful open-air theater where I can listen to live music, jazz or classical, or where simply, as my friend says: to stay unembedded watching the sky from a roof that is no longer there and the play of light on the bare walls, here - continues my friend - I feel serene, it is as if I were sheltered from the noise of the city and I breathe a happy peace, a peace that makes me say "now yes, now everything is fine".

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