Loquis: Borgo di Ostia Antica (second part)

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Borgo di Ostia Antica (second part)

  Teodoro Parente Schaerer

Published on:  2019-04-13 00:00:00

  Borgo di Ostia Antica (English)

Since Roman Antiquity the territory of Ostia has been dominated by the presence of the Tiber. At only 60 years after the construction of the castle, in fact, it was the Tiber to decree the decadence of Ostia. The disastrous flood 1557 always diverted the riverbed, creating a marshy area called the "Dead River" and moving suddenly, due to the accumulation of debris, the coastline. It Was only with the annexation of Rome to the Kingdom of Italy in 1870 that (after some unsuccessful attempts of the Papal State) it was decided to reclaim the swamp transforming it into land to cultivate and to inhabit.

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